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Maryland CTE Student Profile

Erin J.

Erin J.

Teacher Academy of Maryland

Western High School, Baltimore City

The most exciting thing I learned in my program is the different teaching philosophies and about the beliefs of past educators on how students learn.

Why did you enroll in this particular CTE Program of Study?
My ninth grade English teacher told me about the Teacher Academy at Western High School. I enrolled in the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program because of the benefits like working “hands-on” with students in a real classroom, as well as, all of the experiences I could take in from this program.

How did the TAM Program prepare you to enter either college or a career?
The TAM program prepared me for a career because I learned all of the aspects with regard to the teaching profession. I also learned and was able to increase my skills in writing and practice my research skills which I will definitely need in college. I am a very shy person by nature and the program helped me to be open to new experiences.

What academic subjects were important to your success in your CTE program?
I would say English and U.S. History were important to my success in this program.

How did your CTE courses differ from your traditional high school courses? How did you apply the theory you learn in math/science etc. in CTE program of study?
My CTE courses introduced a whole new way of learning for me. I could apply what I learned in English and U.S. History easily. I used my essay writing skills to complete assignments for the program.

If you have taken any honors or Advanced Placement courses, how did you fit both your academic and CTE courses in your schedule? Do you have time to participate in extra-curricular activities as well?
Balancing my honors and CTE courses was pretty difficult, especially in my Junior year. There were so many research papers to be done as well as hours of homework every night. I managed my time well and got through it. I hardly had time for any extra-curricular activities but I did manage to participate in some activities.

What are your career and education plans moving forward?
My plans for the future include attending a four-year university and studying either entrepreneurship or continue in the education field.