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Maryland CTE Program of Study

Business Management

Students begin the program with two foundation courses in Principles of Business, Administration, and Management and Principles of Accounting and Finance. A student who completes this program pathway will be able to develop a business plan for a small business. They will apply accounting, marketing, and management concepts to realistic business scenarios. All aspects of managing a business will be discussed in addition to the competencies learned in computer applications, business communications and financial management. The business management program of study recommends that students should have access to work study, mentor ship, internship, and job shadow opportunities. Students will also benefit from involvement in national professional organizations such as DECA and the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). This program of study does have a credit by examination through the College Board CLEP exam.

CTE Course Sequence

Principles of Business Management and Entrepreneurship

This is one of two foundation courses required for all pathways in the Business Management and Finance Career Cluster and is essential to all pathways. This course provides a foundational understanding of the role of business in a global society, American business as a dynamic process, forms of business ownership, management concepts, marketing, production and distribution, and accounting and finance.

Principles of Accounting and Finance

This is the second of two foundation courses required for all programs of study in the Business Management and Finance Career Cluster and is essential to all pathways. This course provides students with the knowledge necessary to manage and maintain a company’s financial resources in daily operating decisions. A mastery of fundamental accounting concepts, skills and competencies is essential to making informed business decisions.

Advanced Business Management / CLEP Exam

This course provides students with the knowledge that will prepare them for post-high school levels of education and entry-level positions in the work force. Focus will be on the role of business in society; the changing nature of contemporary business practices; major management concepts, theories, and theorists, the processes of management (functional, operational, human relations), business law and ethics, and business communications. Upon completion, opportunities will be made for students to earn college credit through such methods as articulation agreements with local colleges, dual enrollment and the Principles of Management CLEP exam.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship Capstone (CLEP Exam)

Students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in previous business management courses to settings through the Business Management Final Capstone Project. Students will participate in an end-of-course final project that will involve intense problem- solving in business management. Students who have not yet passed the Business Management CLEP exam may use their capstone project to reinforce preparation for the CLEP Exam.

Advanced Placement (AP) Economics

AP Economics covers concepts from both micro- and macro-economics. Students gain an understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within the economic system. The AP course in macroeconomics focuses on economic systems as a whole. The course places particular emphasis on the study of national income and price-level determination, economic performance measures, the financial sector, stabilization policies, economic growth, and international economics. This course may also be split into two half credit courses AP Microeconomics (SCED 04203) and AP Macroeconomics (SCED 04204)

Additional Program Advantages

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University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Department of Business, Management and Accounting

UMES- Business

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Student Organization



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Microsoft Office Specialist

Technical Skill Assessment

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