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Maryland CTE Program of Study

Business Administrative Services

Students begin the program with two foundation courses in Principles of Business, Administration, and Management and Principles of Accounting and Finance. The Business Administrative Services Pathway provides students with knowledge of how to effectively utilize technology in the analysis, and communication of ideas; and the management, organization, and examination of information for strategic business decision making. Upon completion of the two foundation courses, students are required to complete Office Systems Management I and Office Systems Management II. The second course in the sequence includes coursework in Microsoft Office Applications preparing students for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification, a globally recognized credential desired by academia and business.

CTE Course Sequence

Principles of Business Management and Entrepreneurship

This is one of two foundation courses required for all pathways in the Business Management and Finance Career Cluster and is essential to all pathways. This course provides a foundational understanding of the role of business in a global society, American business as a dynamic process, forms of business ownership, management concepts, marketing, production and distribution, and accounting and finance.

Principles of Accounting and Finance

This is the second of two foundation courses required for all programs of study in the Business Management and Finance Career Cluster and is essential to all pathways. This course provides students with the knowledge necessary to manage and maintain a company’s financial resources in daily operating decisions. A mastery of fundamental accounting concepts, skills and competencies is essential to making informed business decisions.

Office Systems Management I / MOS Certification

Office Systems Management provides the student with a study of basic business practices, information systems and computer applications. Students develop managerial and technical skills for business support operations through applied learning. Problem-solving skill development is incorporated throughout the course. Students may attempt the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credential if they are ready to test.

Office Systems Management II/ MOS Certification

Students will develop advanced skills using Microsoft's leading business desktop software and acquire the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credential. Students will be expected to think analytically, manipulate information, and use the computer as a productivity tool through integrated application programs. Expertise in technology will contribute to students' future career mobility, advancement potential, compensation and job satisfaction.

Additional Program Advantages

Program Affiliate

University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Department of Business, Management and Accounting

UMES- Business

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Student Organization



Technical Skill Assessment

Microsoft Office Specialist

Technical Skill Assessment

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