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Maryland CTE Program of Study

Food and Beverage Management (ProStart)

In partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), the ProStart program introduces students to a wide variety of careers within the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Students study and practice professional food preparation, international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, accounting, cost control, marketing and lodging management. As part of the program, students complete an industry-mentored work-based learning experience. Students may also earn industry certification and college credit.

CTE Course Sequence

Becoming a Food Service Professional (Level 1)

This course provides an introduction to the food service and hospitality industry. Students develop and demonstrate skills in safe and sanitary food handling and preparation techniques. Students learn to prepare a variety of foods.

Becoming a Food Service Professional (Level 2)

Students enrolled in this course will continue to prepare a variety of foods. They will create menus and demonstrate various types of restaurant service. They will apply purchasing techniques and demonstrate an understanding of inventory monitoring and control.

Practical Experience as a Food Service Professional

This course provides students the opportunity to further refine and apply skills that support all aspects of the hospitality industry. It will assist in preparing students for employment and advancement in the field of hospitality and food and beverage management.

Additional Program Advantages

Program Affiliate

Stratford University

Stratford University

Program Recognition

Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation

Restaurant Assoc. of MD

Program Recognition

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation


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